Monday, November 30, 2009

Artist Within Cards 3/8

Card#3. The art of seeing

To see in focus is to uncover the true identity of the subject matter. Instead of recognizing things or naming them, know them intimately.
To see in proportion establish one's value and emphasis.
To see in perspective, learning to see by learning to paint, will cause other changes in the perceptions of life around them
To see in relationship, the whole in relationships to the parts,discover discrepancy in missing parts or misfitted parts.
To see in pattern will develop intuition or global, integrative thinking through seeing large amounts of information in patterns or relationships.
To see in rhythm multiplies delight and comfort, guiding emotional response by sorting through the random
To see in meaning and making sense by resolving the ambiguity
To see differently will cause us to think differently.
To see with anticipation will develop our concentration and alertness instead of our mindless wondering and day dreaming.
To see with your heart will bless you with time passed with emotion and revelation instead of boredom and meaningless existence. Nature is a constant source of inspiration and learning.
To see with your mind will liberate your ego as the mind is directed and occupied by interests outside of self, translating the ideas from facts observed.
To see beyond is to project from given
To see within is to waken subtle emotions or suppositions yet unnamed. The resonance in hearts reinforce the cognitive shift for creative thinking.
To see spiritually may emerge through deep understanding of natural facts, bridging the communication between the divine and mortal result in a breakthrough in perception and a new realm of understanding.
To share the vision is to make the unknown known through visual communication. If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible.

Artist Within Cards 2/8

Card#2. Purpose

My purpose in teaching and sharing art is to invite others
To see with fresh eyes
To marvel with wonder
To reflect with honesty
To know with confidence
To trust with understanding
To create with enthusiasm
To delight with passion
To share with joy
To praise with gratitude
To worship with freedom

Artist Within Cards 1/8

Card#1. Beauty

To pursue beauty one has to travel the road of Truth with understanding and Love with character. When Truth is rejected, love will be distorted, and beauty substituted. There are so many hurting people in this world. They are hurt by deception and rejection. The deceived perpetuates deception, the rejected reacts with rejection. Truth breaks the power of deception; beauty breaks the power of rejection. Beauty invites, beauty heals, beauty satisfies.
Everything become beautiful when we love, for beauty is of the heart. Beauty is a heart attitude matured from goodness, which results from truthful, honest and sincere heart. So if we live by truth, goodness will emerge. And if we exercise goodness, beauty will manifest. Let us pursue beauty, promote goodness and proclaiming truth. 


My paintings exhibitions:

East Cobb Senior Center Nov. 20th 2009 - Jan. 15th 2010
Callaway Gardens Discovery Center Solo show: Sep. 12th 2009 -Nov. 1st 2009
Kennesaw State University Confucius Center: Aug 18th 2009 - Sept. 10th 2009
The Art Station: July 2nd 2009 - July 24th 2009
Glimpses of His Glory Gallery: Nov. 2nd 2008 - Dec. 7th 2008
Central United Congregational Church Nov. 2005
Beauty invites, Beauty heals. Beauty belongs to the heart. True beauty is an emotional response to all that is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praise worthy.  Beauty can only be appreciated by a beautiful heart.  To be invited into beauty one has to travel the road of truth with understanding and love with character. I, therefore, devote my life to proclaim truth, promote love, and pursue beauty. 

Chinese Brush Painting

I will be teaching Chinese Brush Painting classes in 2010 at the following places
1. The Art Place
2. The Art Station
3. Kennesaw Community Center
4. The Callaway Gardens
5. Out of the Box Art Center
6. Johns Creek Arts Center

My art works are now displayed at
1. The Art Place
2. East Cobb Senior Center
3. Art 101 Gallery in Canton

You may view my work at