Saturday, October 27, 2012

Young Audiences Brush Painting workshops

I represented Young Audiences of Woodruff Art Center to give a brush painting workshop at Drew Charter school in Atlanta. We had luxurious 75 minutes, but it still seem to be short.  Wonderful participation and great work.
This is at Cherokee Christian School after a Young Audience Brush Painting workshop, these middle school students are so enthusiastic and satisfied that they commanded a victory post.  

Chastain Week 7

I saw a new enthusiasm among the students wanting to try new things.  That's the life and the growth that make life exciting.  We venture, we gain some and loss some, but on the way we are revitalized.  How wonderful it is to be revitalized by the beauty within each of us, whether in appreciation, in discovery, in pursue or in attainment.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chastain Week 6 From bud to bloom

To know a subject well you want to capture the various stages of its growth.  Composing elements through time adds another dimension of expression.  This is how artist can transcend time.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Chastain week 5

It is so interesting to converse with the elderly and get their  perspective in life.  The wise ones have the stages figured out. They understand what mental shifts will happen when.  This is what I call the richness of the soul.  insights like such comes from rich soul.  Brush painting is one of the tools to manifest rich souls.

That's why talking with great artists, not just artisans, are so satisfying.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

chastain week 4

This is a painting I did prior to the class arrival.  It's so wonderful to share my joy with the interested.  I will start putting on the picture of the week for silent auction.  This being the 1st one.  The highest bidder gets the painting. The auction will end before the next painting goes up on Tuesday. If you want the painting to be mounted on another rice paper for matting(a standard practice on rice paper) it will be $25.  Shipping and handling is $10.  

This was one of my students practice sheet.  He had 5 Chrysanthemum on the paper.  I helped him link some up and compose into a painting.  The rest 2 are left for him to struggle with.  This process will teach you to place the flowers in strategic places when you practice. I worked with the students individually on their subjects, including peony, landscape, hydreagea, chrysanthemum and daisies.

An introduction workshop is offered at The Art Place on 10/13/12 from 1:30 to 5pm.  You may register with TAP  I will love to get you started with this art form.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chastain week3

Chrysanthemum is a stroke driller.  You get so much practice out of painting this flower.  It was so much fun to have the students participate in the composition of this painting.  The challigraphy says " Harmonious Cooperation".  That's the delight in gathering with creative people.  

If you want to explore this art form.  I am offering a Chinese Brush Painting weekend workshop on 10/13/12 at The Art Place from 1:30 to 5pm. I would love to pass the joy of brush painting to you.   

Chastain 2

One of my students wants to paint bunnies.  So we venture out into a new exploration.  If you are not intimidated by the challenges posted around you, then learning will take place.  The joy of growing will payback many folds if you can overcome the initial resistance. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chastain Art Center Week 1

It was good to gather with brush painting lovers to paint together for a morning.  I shared that brush painting in many ways is like a performance.  When you paint, it is like giving a recital.  The strokes are perfected through practice. The understanding comes through daily digestion of the subjects.  The composition is  your choreography of your accumulated understanding.  The expression embrace your collected delight and aspiration.  The painting exudes your philosophical attainment and reach.  The whole painting represent your signature.  No one can copy it.  They can receive your spirit as a disciple as you apprentice under other great masters.  The technique makes technitions, it is the spirit that makes masters. So the main challenge for a artist is to take care that your spirit is aligned to the highest worthy spirit you can find.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year from Joyousbrush Club

Dear Creative friends

Happy New Year from Joyousbrush Club.  

Charlotte Mason, 1842-1923, founder of the Charlotte Mason College of Education in England,  stated "There are few joys in life greater and more constant than our joy in Beauty.  It is only through our Aesthetic Sense that we can take full pleasure in what we see and hear,  to an extend that our soul over flow the joy and expression which often produce new forms of beauty in all application of life".  

Joyousbrush Club seeks to awake your students' Aesthetic sense, so that they may be delightfully engaged  in beauty in all circumstances and application of life.  We all need to be trained to see and to have our eyes opened before we can take in the joy that is meant for us in this beautiful world.  Joyousbrush Club seeks to teach each student in their own brush strokes how to document this art of seeing. 

Charlotte Mason continues "It is our business to bring Beauty to places where it is not.  For happiness comes of effort, service, wide interests and of enjoyment.  We do not want to miss the happiness to which the Beauty Sense was meant to minister, the joy of life to all without exclusivity.