Wednesday, October 3, 2012

chastain week 4

This is a painting I did prior to the class arrival.  It's so wonderful to share my joy with the interested.  I will start putting on the picture of the week for silent auction.  This being the 1st one.  The highest bidder gets the painting. The auction will end before the next painting goes up on Tuesday. If you want the painting to be mounted on another rice paper for matting(a standard practice on rice paper) it will be $25.  Shipping and handling is $10.  

This was one of my students practice sheet.  He had 5 Chrysanthemum on the paper.  I helped him link some up and compose into a painting.  The rest 2 are left for him to struggle with.  This process will teach you to place the flowers in strategic places when you practice. I worked with the students individually on their subjects, including peony, landscape, hydreagea, chrysanthemum and daisies.

An introduction workshop is offered at The Art Place on 10/13/12 from 1:30 to 5pm.  You may register with TAP  I will love to get you started with this art form.  

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