Friday, December 23, 2011


Merry 2011 Christmas. Joy to the world, not because times are good, but because the Lord has come.

Christmas is beautiful, not because the lights and the sounds of Christmas, but because what happened in that silent night two thousand years ago.

Yet Christmas is beautiful. Silent night will not remain silent, for grateful souls can't stop singing about it. Holy night will not remain calm, for joyful souls can't stop celebrating this Holy birth.
Man's fear of punishment is replaced by God's saving grace. Truth never has to be distorted to spare sinners. Love never has to be compromised to uphold justice.

Lives lived in meaninglessness and purposelessness often force honest souls on search journey. Many treasures may be found, but only one rests our soul. The wise men searched near and far, and God directed them to the most beautiful treasure, Immanuel (God with us). Their eyes are opened to divine beauty. Their world is now beautiful in the substance of their hope.

Let's celebrate Christmas with a child like delight. It is not what we eat, but what we know that nurtures us. Not the food but the Good News that satisfies us. We know the author of Christmas; He is Holy. We know the gift of Christmas; He is love. We know the joy of Christmas; our brothers and sisters have received and passed it on, so have we. Celebrate “Christ child born in us” this Christmas. Let His life grow up in us and restore all peace.

Tom and Tehwan Tso

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Joyousbrush Brush Painting demonstration DVD

Math is a beautiful thing.  My daughter needed help in Calculus.  I told her I will look at her text book to see if I still remember them from my college days.  As I was reading derivatives and integration, I was attracted to the beauty of discovery and application of understandings through model and theory building. I was reading her math text book with as much interest as my art books.

Math is like what my art is. I am forever finding the simplest way to paint something from understanding, especially the design in nature.  Instead of painting what I see, I paint what I understand.  I see to understand, not to copy.  That's why I don't use references when I paint.  But I am always collecting references for my understanding as I acquired a lifestyle of observation to satisfy my curiosity.  My painting is a validation of what I understand, not only by my own eyes but also by others.

Why nature?  For one, my bamboo brushes paint shapes besides lines.  They can handle organic shapes better than geometric shapes. For two, I like the validation from people of all nationality and background.  I don't have to explain nature, every one agrees with nature.  More importantly I am learning from the Master designer who created the universe with all the intricate designs.  I am not learning from the objects of nature alone, but the creative mind of the Ultimate Designer through what He created.  

Joyousbrush demonstration DVD captured the process of painting in the most direct way:  from front to back, from topic subjects to decorative objects, emotion supported by logic, disciplined yet free.  It plays out like music recital, the rhythms, the execution of strokes and the composing the parts to make the whole.  It builds like mathematics, theory upon theory.  It entertains like performance, the thoughts behind each stroke and the emotion deliberated.   Hopefully I can take you on a tour through this DVD so you can see what I am talking about.  This 42 minutes DVD is made available for your most creative Christmas present at $19.99. Be joyful always as Joyousbrush documents my personal mission statement to proclaim truth, promote love and pursue beauty.